Should He Stay Or Should He Go?

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With the rumour of Georges St. Pierre returning to the octagon shorty, (it was then shot down by Georges), it got me thinking, should the former UFC welterweight champion return to the Ultimate Fighting Championship? I mean, he has been gone for so long, he would be rusty, no? Well, I guess Dominick Cruz did say that there is no such thing as “ring rust”.

I grew up loving GSP. A Canadian born fighter. My country. My sport. How couldn’t I love him? Many say he is boring, some say he isn’t. I pictured him as far from boring. Of course, there is more entertaining fighters out there. The thing is, if you are a casual fan, you may see St. Pierre as “boring” because he didn’t knock people out, or stay on the feet and brawl. But if you understand MMA, you know that his style of fighting wasn’t “boring” at all. Actually it was exciting. He utilized his jab often. To set up anything from a cross, a driving double leg takedown, or even another jab. Once he got to the mat, he often hit his opponent with ground and pound. Not heavy ground and pound, just “pot shots” as some would say.

Anyways, this isn’t about whether or not GSP was “boring” or “entertaining”. This is about whether or not GSP should come back, or stay away.

I think Georges should come back to the eight-sided structure. On one condition. He should only return for big PPV fights. Not title fights.

You may be asking. Why no title fights? Well right now, the welterweight division title picture is really amping up. After a controversial fight with Lawler and Condit, guys like Demian Maia, Rory MacDonald, Tyron Woodley, Matt Brown, and the newest welterweights Donald Cerrone and Sage Northcutt, all have the chance to get a title shot, soon. If GSP comes back, he is slotted into that, confusing a lot of fighters and dropping a lot of fighters in the fighter rankings.

If GSP were to finally fight Anderson Silva or maybe Conor McGregor? It would bring tons of revenue into UFC’s pockets. PPV would explode, arenas would sell even faster. And with UFC 200 right around the corner this upcoming July, massive fights like these would be phenomenal.

I find GSP a role model to me, and to many other young fight fans across North America. Especially Canada. I would love to see Georges St. Pierre back in action, fighting once again.

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