My Thoughts On Johny Hendricks & His Weight Issues.


Johny Hendricks was held responsible for missing weight at UFC 192. According to his agent, Hendricks suffered a kidney stone and dried up intestines which forced him to head to the nearest hospital. “Bigg Rigg” blames it on deer meat he ate prior and takes full blame for the incident.

Hendricks has missed weight before, and due to that fact, many fans and UFC President Dana White suggested Johny head up to middleweight. Hendricks refuses and claims that he can keep going at welterweight. The fight was supposed to be a #1 contenders fight verses #2 Tyron Woodley.

“Nothing’s ever happened like this that’s what was so weird,” Hendricks told FOX Sports after being forced off the UFC 192 fight card. “Even when I made weight at 157 (pounds), that’s what’s so weird. Even when I cut down from 205 to 157 and I was fatter then, but when I did that, it was rough, but I never once experienced anything like this where it’s like your body says ‘no it’s not going to happen’.” – Johny Hendricks.

Here’s my thoughts on this whole thing:

If you agree to fight at a certain weight, in this case 170 pounds, then you should do everything in your power to make that weight. If it medically harms you, then I believe you should move divisions. Look at Anthony Johnson. He rarely made weight at welterweight so the UFC released him. He proved himself through out different promotions so he was ultimately re-signed. Now, he fights at 205 pounds and is a beast. If Johny has to cut from 200-205, then middleweight or light-heavyweight might do him better.


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