Countdown To Bellator 142: DYNAMITE 1

PHOTO CREDITS: (fightersonlymag,com)

Saturday, September 19th, 2015 is only four days away and that signifies Bellator 142: DYNAMITE 1 in San Jose California. The main event features a light-heavyweight title fight between current title holder, Liam McGeary and former UFC fighter, Tito Ortiz. Don’t forget, we also have a four-man light-heavyweight tournament featuring Emanuel Newton, former UFC fighter Phil Davis, King Mo Lawal, and Linton Vassell. Plus, some Glory Kickboxing fights!

First, the prelims begin at 7:00pm western time on The official preliminary fights are listed below.

~F. Carmont vs L. Philipe Lins – tournament alternate fight

~O. Thomas Diagne vs M. Malott – featherweight feature fight

~A. Piccolotti vs M. Magee – lightweight feature fight

~G. Carrasco vs J. Neal – bantamweight feature fight

~A. Boynazarov vs S. Adamchuk – Glory featherweight fight

~J. Paiva vs M. Ramirez – flyweight feature fight

~C. Rocha vs J. Terry – welterweight feature fight

~J. Okanovich vs I. Delgado – lightweight feature fight

Then, at 9:00pm western time on SpikeTV is the official main card.

~Z. Mwekassa vs S. Cavalari – Glory light-heavyweight title fight

~F. Gonzalez vs P. Daley – Glory middleweight fight

~H. Griffith vs K. Melendez – Glory Women’s featherweight fight

~L. Vassell vs K. Lawal – light-heavyweight tournament fight


~E. Newton vs P. Davis – light-heavyweight tournament fight

~M. Bronzoulis vs J. Thomson- lightweight feature fight

~L. McGeary vs T. Ortiz – light-heavyweight title fight



This card should be a good one. I recommend going and watching it this Saturday!!

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