The Veteran Voice Of The Octagon: Bruce Buffer.


Bruce Buffer is known the fire behind the UFC and always seems to ignite the crowd with his patent voice.

At the age of 58, Bruce Buffer is extremely agile, his 180 and 360 turns to introduce the fighters. As many fans are already aware of, Buffer always begins main card with “Ladies and gentleman, we….are…!!!!”. Young mixed martial artists and current fighters dream of having their names announced by the one-and-only Mr. Buffer. But he isn’t the only one is his family to be known for his voice.

During his childhood, in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Bruce was a massive fan of MMA and even studied judo for a short amount of time. Buffer earned a black belt in Tang Soo Doo, a type of kung-fu. He also competed as a kickboxer but was forced to stop due to health reasons.

His half-brother, Michael Buffer, is a professional boxing announcer famous for his “Let’s get ready to rumble!!!!”. Both Michael and Bruce are known worldwide for such a simply thing. Just imagine though, without either of those men, fans would lose interest. When I recently attended my first UFC event, the “It’s TIME!!!” gave my chills. The entire crowd erupted and that started the main event. Both announcers are grandsons of the late, great boxer, Johnny Buff.


Now Bruce isn’t just a announcer, he is also known for his world-class poker game. Buffer has made appearances on ESPN’s World Series of Poker main event playing world champion, Chris Moneymaker. He also appeared in the MMA vs poker pro match on the NBC show, Poker After Dark, playing with the likes of UFC legends, Randy “The Natural” Couture, and Dan “Hendo” Henderson. Bruce has also announced on several other MMA events such as K-1 and the 2008 boxing event featuring Joel Casamayor vs Michael Katsidis. Bruce even announces for the ADCC (Abu Dhabi Combat Club) every two years. Buffer has appeared on some TV shows including “Friends” and “Entourage” as a guest star.


Bruce Buffer is also the host of his own radio talk show, “It’s TIME!” on the Sherdog Radio Network. He often interviews people in and out of the MMA world.


Some people aren’t aware how much money Bruce Buffer makes per night, or even yearly. To say the least, it’s a lot considering he is just talking. Bruce makes roughly $20,000- $100,000 per event and as of 2015, is over $2 million. Buffer has earned the majority of his profits via Zuffa. He is also the president and CEO of “The Buffer Partnership”, along with his half-brother.


Everyone loves Bruce Buffer. There are some UFC fighters that the majority of the fighters love, but there is always someone who doesn’t. I personally don’t think that anyone dislikes Bruce. He is a stellar announcer and truly, the Veteran Voice of the Octagon.

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