Mitch Clarke Out Of UFC Fight Night 74.


UFC fighter Mitch Clarke is being forced to pull out of UFC Fight Night 74 in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan on August 23rd.

It was definitely an odd injury that the Saskatoon native suffered. It was during an acupuncture (a Chinese medical practice in order to treat an illness or gives anesthesia to a specified part of the body). The Star Pheonix’s Dave Diebert explains it here: (WARNING: Might make people squeamish)

“While receiving an acupuncture treatment, the needle broke off from the handle while in his arm. Making things exponentially worse, the muscle in his forearm was contracting at that exact moment. With no handle to hold on to, the needle was sucked deep into his forearm muscle. Clarke had to undergo surgery to have the needle removed.”


“I’m going to fight again, so I don’t care if I have no feeling in my hand. I just want to know I can still use it and go from there,” Clarke stated.

Mitch is disappointed that he is unable to compete in Saskatchewan’s first UFC event. The lightweight will still be in attendance during the card, watching from the stands.

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